Karen Kurz-Riemer

"Health and healing are a constant wonder and mystery, and it is tremendously gratifying to assist my clients as they recover and revitalize.

I am a graduate of a four year training program to become a classical homeopath at the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy in Minneapolis. In addition to academic study, the program includes two years of supervised clinic practice, which provides intensive contact with a wide variety of clients. I have also studied with several internationally known homeopaths, including Misha Norland, Rajan Sankaran, Jayesh Shah, the Doctors Joshi, Sunil Anand, Dinesh Chauhan, Jeremy Sherr, Farokh Master, and Kim Kalina.

I opened my private homeopathic practice in September 2005. I am nationally certified as a Classical Homeopath by the Council for Homeopathic Certification.  I am trained in and use the Bach and Australian Bush Flower Essences as a complement to my homeopathic practice. In addition to my Twin Cities location, I have a satellite practice in Waupaca, Wisconsin (central WI). 

My professional work focused on children and families for over 40 years, 35 of these in the state of Minnesota. I have my Master of Education degree from Chicago’s Erikson Institute for Advanced Study of Child Development, with 30 additional graduate credits in adult and family education from the University of Minnesota. I helped coordinate the statewide development of Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) from six pilot programs in the mid-1970s to its current status as a well-known and popular program throughout Minnesota. I have directed ECFE and other family programming, taught Child and Family Studies at the graduate and undergraduate level, consulted with Head Start programs, and worked directly with young children and families in four states. I have done extensive consulting, writing, and training on issues related to young children and families and am co-author of Infants, Toddlers, and Families: A Framework for Support and Intervention (Guilford Press, 1999). I am the parent of an adult stepson and two adult daughters, and grandparent of two children. 

I became interested in homeopathy as a profession after the health of my chronically ill dog and cat improved remarkably with constitutional homeopathic treatment. Over the years since, homeopathy has produced significant gains for all members of my family and for my clients. I am uniquely qualified to work with young children and their parents, but enjoy working with and have had good results with clients of all ages and with companion animals. Health and healing are a constant wonder and mystery, and it is tremendously gratifying to assist my clients as they recover and revitalize.


Kristin Linner, PhD

"The intellectual and intuitive challenge that homeopathy presents has been far more rewarding for me than biomedical research ever was – and I loved that experience too."

For most of my professional life I worked as a research scientist in the field of immunology. I specialized in cell-mediated immunology, doing research in transplantation immunology, immunogenetics, viral immunology, and neuroendocrinimmunology. I have both MS and PhD degrees from the University of Minnesota in Immunology and Microbiology. I did a postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of Cell Biology and Neuroanatomy at the University of Minnesota, and held appointments as an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Medicine at the U of M and Hennepin County Medical Center. I received funding for my research from the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD and published the results of my research in peer-reviewed journals.

During the 1990s I became aware of an unusual phenomenon in my experiments with cells of the immune system. Experimental results obtained by myself and other scientists indicated that these cells were responsive to highly diluted preparations of opioid peptides, such as the endorphins, and opiates, such as morphine. Indeed, these cells would respond to dilutions of morphine greater than 10-23M, at which point there are no molecules of morphine present, a finding difficult to explain with our present models of cell activation. These data were reproducible and have been corroborated in a variety of other experimental systems as well.

At the same time in my life I was looking into alternative and complementary methods of health care for my horses. I heard a lecture on homeopathy in which the dilution of remedies was discussed.  I became excited by the fact that there was a system of healing that deliberately used highly diluted substances and, moreover, found that the higher the dilution, the more potent the substance became. Because of the results of my experiments with highly diluted morphine, I could readily believe that such a phenomenon was possible. I began looking into homeopathy as a system of healing but could find no homeopaths treating horses. This motivated me to begin my own training in this field.

I studied homeopathy with Eric Sommerman, Valerie Ohanian and Laurie Dack at the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy in Minneapolis, MN.  I’ve taken advanced homeopathic training from Jayesh Shah, and Rajan Sankaran and have completed a Master Clinician program taught by Lou Klein.  I have been practicing homeopathy since 2001. 

In my homeopathic practice I now treat both people and their companion animals (including barn calls for horses), with many good results over the years.  Since 2001, my horses, as well as my husband, dogs, cats and birds, have benefited greatly from homeopathic treatment for acute illnesses and injuries, as well as chronic conditions. My horses were the original reason I went into homeopathy, and for that alone, this journey has been worthwhile.  But beyond this, the intellectual and intuitive challenge that homeopathy presents has been far more rewarding for me than biomedical research ever was – and I loved that experience too.