Homeopathy for Animals

Homeopathy works beautifully with both animals and babies – a response to skeptics who dismiss homeopathy’s effects as placebo. When we treat cats and dogs, we ask you to use the Baker West entrance only and bring all cats and small dogs in a carrier, with larger dogs on a short leash. (Kristin makes barn calls to treat horses and other large animals.) The initial consultation takes one to two hours. We ask about medical history (a summary of veterinary records is helpful but not required), diet, vaccination history, behaviors, any fears, etc. As with humans, we focus primarily on the animal’s general temperament, behavior, and symptoms – when they started, their specifics, and what makes them better or worse. 


Our goal is to get as much information as possible about your companion animal to understand their condition and what makes them unique. We do not diagnose or treat disease and do not do a physical exam of your animal – only a visual observation. Since many animals are consuming diets that may be contributing to their chronic conditions, we also make suggestions about improving the quality of their food. Once we’ve gathered and synthesized the information you’ve given us, we recommend a single remedy that addresses the physical, mental, and emotional state your animal presents. 


The initial follow-up consultation to assess your animal’s reaction to the remedy should be scheduled 4-6 weeks after the first remedy dose and can take place by phone or at the clinic. Further follow-up appointments may be scheduled as needed, although we recommend at least one follow-up consult per year. There should be a visible improvement in energy and overall constitution of your animal soon after they take a well-chosen remedy. Most people are able to take over the ongoing treatment of their animals after we identify the appropriate constitutional remedy and potency. We encourage you to contact us with any questions or if new symptoms appear.


We have seen excellent results with animals with a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions. Contact us to see if your pet could benefit from homeopathic treatment.


10 Reasons to Try Homeopathy


If you’ve been thinking about trying alternative or complementary medicine for one or more chronic or recurrent conditions, here are 10 reasons to try classical homeopathy.